Poland meets Italy, and it’s ROCK AND ROLL!

Green Secret it’s the result of two Polish artists (Anna Matlewska is the voice and Marcin Nipcon is the electric guitar) plus two Italian musicians (Tony Eboli on Drums and Valerio Fluido Celentano Fluido Celentano on Bass).

After years of cover bands, Marcin always wanted to write original songs and when he found the young-explosive talent of Anna the magic began. Here’s where the Italians step in, and turn ideas into SONGS. Valerio’s 20 years of experience playing EVERY KIND OF MUSIC from Jazz to Heavy Metal, makes him the perfect band leader, able to glue every piece together and bring songs to life.

Anna’s catchy melodies blend with Marcin’s chords, Tony’s drums are ONE with Valerio’s bass lines, always different and never obvious. This band is not just another New York-based band. Green Secret puts on a SHOW made of lights and costumes, and people were shocked since the debut, at the WOSP NJ/NY.

That first show gave them the opportunity to perform with the legendary poland band PERFECT at Melrose Ballroom, it was a BLAST. Full house, with people singing along Green Secret songs after one chorus!!! You want to check this band out, this is just the beginning.